Eric Alberto León de la Peña
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Eric León
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In 1987 I went to college at the National School of Plastic Arts after three years of prep high-school at the Sciences and Humanities College, both part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Luckily, during my career I have taken many different courses, mainly as part of the training programs at the different companies that I've worked for. At early age, nonetheless, I also developed the ability of self-teaching not only the english language but also about computers, web design and web programming languages all of which I learned on my own.


I am currently taking a course to become CIM (Certified Internet Marketer) by WebCEO University and trying to stay up-to-date on new technologies as well as computing languages.

Previous courses

Following, the courses of which I have a diploma are listed.

• "Awakening the power with Neuro-Linguistic Programming"
   By Armando Franco & Asoc. 2002.

• "Dynamic Entrepreneurial Marketing"
   By Asesoría en Calidad Turística Integral. 1997.

• "Sales, Service and Customer Care"
   By Asesoría en Calidad Turística Integral. 1996.

• "Awakening the power with Neuro-Linguistic Programming"
   By Ingeniería en Desarrollo Humano. 1996.

• "First Concern. Philosophy and Service"
   By Crowne Princess Club Hotel Human Resources Dept. 1995.

Other courses

At some point, I also gave courses myself. More than that, I think I only really shared facts based on experience in an orderly manner (backed by documentation, power point presentations, etc.).

• "Sales basics" to my staff at the RCI Call Center.

• "English basics" to my staff at the SPA of the Avalon Grand Hotel.